Project Description

Mapping Stormwater Outfall Pipes on the Raritan River, New Jersey
Conducted by Scott Jablonski, Rutgers Student and Dr. Wansoo Im, Rutgers Adjunct Faculty

Here at IM Rivers we have been working on a new project to protect our local river upon which Rutgers University was built; the Raritan River. It is a heavily polluted river, but by taking initiative we hope to clean it up so everybody can enjoy its beauty. After obtaining a GIS shapefile from the Middlesex County Planning Department of outfalls in the county, which I told was a complete database of all storm water outfalls, I noticed that the pipes that I see everyday as part of the Rutgers Crew team were not included in this database. This motivated us to map them ourselves, which we have just begun. In our Interactive Map, you can see both the outfalls in the Middlesex County database and the outfalls that we have begun to map on the Raritan River. In a very short amount of time we were able to map over 25 outfalls which were not in the Planning Departments database! A special thanks to Rutgers Crew Coach Jon Stephanik for his time and efforts helping us with this project. Keep checking back to monitor our progress!