Mapping Stormwater Outfall Pipes on the Raritan River, New Jersey

On April 4, 2011 Scott Jablonski, Rutgers student, and Dr. Wansoo Im, Rutgers Adjunct faculty, set out to the Raritan River to survey the stormwater outfalls in New Brunswick, NJ.

Using an Android phone and the customized Mappler Mobile App, Scott and Dr. Im, visually collected data and images of the pipes on the river. The pipes’ locations were pinpointed using the Android’s GPS-enabled settings.
Each pipe was pinpointed and various aspects of pipes were documented. Variables such as color and odor of discharges, pipe diameter, pipe material, and much more were noted. Pictures of the pipes were also uploaded using Mappler Mobile.
The outfalls data and images were then uploaded onto Mappler Mobile, currently for Android smart phones. The data points were saved and are accessible via Android smart phones and on the web at!

Using the Mappler Mobile App
Below are images of the Mappler Mobile App Scott and Dr. Im used to survey, collect, and save the data.

Find your location using GPS

Choose the image of the pipe

Observe the pipe outfalls

Enter your data

View the entered data points

View the data for each point