Register Your Rain Barrel

If you own a rain barrel why not add it to our interactive map? Our interactive map of rain barrel locations can be accessed from almost any personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you wish to add your Rain Barrel to our map, follow the proper link below and we will walk you through the simple process!

From Your Computer

Want to register your rain barrel from your desktop or laptop computer? Simply navigate to on your web browser and follow these simple directions to add your rainbarrel. 1. Select the Log In button in the top right 2. Enter the username: rain and password: rain123 3. Once you are logged in, select the …

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From Your Smartphone or Tablet

You can add your rain barrel to our registry using your smartphone or tablet, don’t worry it’s simple! 1. Open your web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and navigate to   2. Tap the User button 3. Tap Log In 4. Enter rain as the username and rain123 as the password 5. Select Add …

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Using our Mappler K2 App

Coming Soon!

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