The Rain Barrel Registry provides a widely-accessible, baseline mapping and database tool for public policy makers, educators and the public which offers a visual record of the expanding trend toward the installation and use – by residential, educational, commercial and institutional properties – of small-scale rain harvesting.


We invite you to participate by registering your rain barrel, uploading a photo and completing a short survey. You can then view other rain barrel clusters in your community and around the country, and see tabulated results from the survey.


Please be sure to periodically check back to view survey results as the information grows– and of course, add your next rain barrel to the registry too!


This project is a partnership between River Network and IM Rivers by VERTICES, LLC.


Partial funding for the registry provided by The Coca-Cola Company. Technical assistance provided by Kevin Mercer and RainGrid, Inc.


Remember, your rain barrel only works if you use it – so After the Rain, Let it Drain!