Use the map on the following page to identify water quality concerns and water-dependent natural resources in your area.

Getting Started:

  1. Use the SEARCH function to help find a location by name, or use the INDEX MAP by tracing a square around an area to magnify a location on the map. You may also trace a square on the map using the Zoom tool and the map display will adjust to that size.
    HINT - In most cases, it is best to zoom-in to at least a county or city to view the information displayed.
  2. Choose from the left-side menu to add or remove features on your map, or select a THEME to display all related features.
    HINT - Sometimes less is more. Choose how many features you want carefully. Sometimes too many features can obscure each other. Start with one or two features that are important to you and then add supporting features until you have the map you want.
  3. For more information on a certain feature, select the name of the feature in the "Display Information For ..." drop-down box, then choose the Identify tool and click on the map feature icon of your choice.
  4. Take Action! Click "What can I do?" to find out what you can do to help protect our waters.
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