Farms. Not Factories.

Idaho Concerned Area Residents for the Environment (I.C.A.R.E.) stands for clean water, clean air, healthy soil, and healthy communities at home in Idaho and abroad.

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Mailing address: I.C.A.R.E.
PO Box 922,
Fruitland, ID 83619
Phone: (208) 695-1556
Fax: (208) 674-1222
Email: info@idahocares.org

We support and promote sustainable farming, the development of strong local and regional foodsheds, transparency and accountability in land-use planning, regulation, and enforcement, equitable global trade, and sane domestic agricultural policy.

Our approach to these issues focuses on the role of animal production and the meaningful differences between and impacts of traditional livestock farms and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

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