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Rutgers University Sponsors “RU On Tap”

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Rutgers University Athletics, along with New Jersey American Water, is holding a competition to promote the use of tap water over bottled water.  Plastic bottles take about 1000 years to biodegrade, and far too much waste is created by these one-time-use bottles.  With companies such as American Water working so hard to keep us supplied with fresh drinking water, why is it that it is under-utilized?  Participants are to create a video no longer than 90 seconds describing the benefits of drinking tap water.  There are going to be prizes awarded to the top videos, including an Apple iPad and a trip to a Rutgers football game in North Carolina. Videos are encouraged to be educational and creative, however only Rutgers students may participate.  The March 31, 2011 deadline is approaching quickly, so if you are a Rutgers student interested in the promotion of tap water, apply NOW! Sources: NJ American Water Scott Jablonski, VERTICES Intern