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Join River Network’s Mission!

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Are you among the lucky ones who recently got a Rain Barrel Registry postcard from the River Network?  The wonderful message prints, “Join the effort to create a worldwide inventory of rain barrels,” because the River Network eagerly invites you to help harvest your storm water! imrivers IMRivers would love your participation to help the River Network achieve its mission.  You can easily help by visiting  and registering any Rain Barrel locations you may find. You can also send us any data you may have collected regarding Rain Barrels, and we can add and update the information for you onto the Rain Barrel Registry. Once you visit the Rain Barrel Registry, you will find some great new features that highlight the data. You can click the “Layers” button on the interactive map and view interesting map layers that reveal information about impervious surfaces, land use and land cover, weather radar, and wind conditions. After adding the location of your Rain Barrel, you can see how the conditions shown by the layers might affect your area or you can use that information to even see when you may have rain!

River Rally 2014 is only two weeks away!

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If you are not yet familiar, River Rally is a friendly gathering of over 750 river/watershed advocates with workshops, lectures, tours, and various opportunities for networking and learning. IMRivers will be joining everyone as a partner, and right now we’re busy preparing a couple of Crowd-Mapping applications to showcase at the rally. What are they?  
  • Where Are We From? A live map of where all Rally participants are hailing from.
  • Clean River Map Interactive mapping tool where everyone can map their organization’s cleanup projects. With rivers/watershed highlighted, this map will become a visual outline of everyone’s efforts that can be used as a reference/assessment tool year-round.
  • Rain Barrel Registry A participatory mapping tool offering a visual inventory of rain barrels used for small-scale rain harvesting.
  River Network Interactive Map with weather radar data. Also, be sure to check out, where you can locate River Network partners, find water groups near you, get real-time stream flow data, and more! This map also runs on Mappler platform provided by IMRivers. Now, you can even browse land use/land cover data from USGS as well as real-time weather radar data from NOAA. As you will see on River Network’s map and when we meet you in person at River Rally 2014, these maps are capable of overlaying almost any existing GIS data on top of community-collected data uploaded with smartphones and tablets. Using mobile mapping with GIS layers powerfully brings grassroots preservation efforts and big data together in a visually coherent way.

River Rally Conference 2012 – Portland, Oregon

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The next annual River Rally Conference will be held in Portland, Oregon. For more information and to register, click here.

Nicola Mammes, VERTICES Intern and Community Mapping Coordinator Center for Community Mapping

National River Rally Conference 2011

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Dr. Im, the founder of IMrivers and Director for the Center for Community Mapping, gave a presentation at the National River Rally Conference in North Charleston, South Carolina, on “Utilizing Google Maps/Earth with Social Media” this past weekend. For more information on the conference, click here.

Nicola Mammes, VERTICES Intern and Community Mapping Coordinator Center for Community Mapping

River Network Offers Urban Waters Capacity-Building Grants

River Network is continuously working to connect people and communities to improve the health of our water resources.  The Urban Waters Capacity Building Grant‘s purpose is to improve the quality of disadvantaged urban area water resources through providing technical and administrative support to organizations working to improve local community, stream, and environmental conditions.  The grants are for assistance on projects for a period of 24 months, with recipients being awarded $30,000- $70,000.  River Network expects to award 5-7 project grants.  All U.S. organizations, either public or private, non-profit or governmental, are eligible to apply.  Organizations with an urban waters initiative program that is either underdeveloped or underfunded are especially encouraged to apply.  The deadline is March 14,2011 at 5 pm PST, so APPLY NOW! Source: River Network Scott Jablonski, VERTICES intern

MillerCoors/River Network Choose Finalists for Watershed Protection Grants

MillerCoors, in partnership with River Network, announced the six finalists for their 3rd annual MillerCoors River Network Grant Competition.  These six finalists were chosen by MillerCoors and River Network, but it is up to you to choose the winner!  Finalists include groups from Chicago, Illinois (Friends of the Chicago River), Milwaukie, Oregon (Johnson Creek Watershed Council), North Carolina (North Carolina Big Sweep), Milwaukee, Wisconsin (River Revitalization Foundation), Augusta, Georgia (Savanah Riverkeeper), and Atlanta, Georgia (West Atlanta Watershed Alliance).  You can read about each group’s project and VOTE NOW!

View the River Network Interactive Map here.

Source: River Network

Scott Jablonski, VERTICES intern