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Thornapple River Restoration Project

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The Thornapple River is the major river in the Thornapple River Watershed (TRW), a major subdivision of Grand River Watershed(GRW).  The GRW is the second largest drainage system in the state of Michigan, which flows into Lake Michigan.  The main channel of the Thornapple River is 78 miles long and flows in a general West/NorthWest direction.  The Thornapple River Restoration Project is responding to the environmental concerns after the Nashville Dam on the main channel of the Thornapple was removed, which drained 80 acres of water from its Mill Pond and exposed about 60 acres of floodplain.  With the aid of an interactive map, the work done and the progression of these areas can be documented visually.  This area is part of the Barry Conservation District, one of 80 conservation districts in the state of Michigan. Source: Thornapple River Restoration Project Scott Jablonski, VERTICES intern

Puget Sound project featured on NPR!

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Our project with the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, “How Clean is Your Water” was featured on NPR yesterday, June 24. This Project includes five separate interactive maps with varied themes as well as numerous resources and additional information. Congratulations to everyone who worked on the project and helped us achieve such a great result!

Click Here to view and/or listen to the coverage.

New Map Capabilities!!

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The IM Rivers staff has been focusing much of our energy on improving the existing Interactive Mapping Application to better suit your needs. Users now have the ability to embed their interactive map directly into and existing website while retaining the Layer Control function provided on the main map site. Check out Chester River Association’s project to see an example of this new capability: