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National Ground Water Awareness Week

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This week, from March 6 to March 12, 2011 is National Ground Water Awareness Week.  Sponsored by the National Groundwater Association, this week is meant to raise awareness of one of the Earth’s most important resources for life.  The National Groundwater Association’s website states that there is an estimated 33,000 Trillion gallons of groundwater reserves in the US, and at any given moment groundwater is 20 to 30 times greater than the amount in all US streams, lakes, and rivers.  Though about 90% of our freshwater supplies are underground, less than 27% of the water Americans use comes from groundwater reserves (USGS).  Many Americans rely on groundwater to supply their private wells, which are not covered by the same safety requirements that public systems are.  Private well owners are encouraged to get their water tested to ensure their water is safe from contaminants ( Sources: National Groundwater Association and article Scott Jablonski, VERTICES Intern