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Washington Sewage Treatment Plant Nominated as A “Top Ten Green Project”

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The American Institute of Architects has recognized the unique LOTT Clean Water Alliance Water Treatment Plant in Olympia, Washington as one of the “Top Ten Green Projects” of 2011.  It is unlike most sewage treatment plants by the fact that instead of being separated from the local community, it is meant to actively engage the public through its “WET Center” (Water Educational and Technology Center).  The treatment plant provides Class A reclaimed water which is “wastewater that has been treated to higher standards and can therefore be used for irrigation, toilet flushing, and industrial and manufacturing uses.” (Miller Hull).  The building uses reclaimed water for its indoor plumbing needs, to fill the man-made ponds which give aesthetic value to the building, and to irrigate the landscape around the building and on its green roof.  The pond’s perimeter is surrounded by multiple interpretive exhibits that explain the pond and reclaimed water. Photo: Sources: Miler Hull and The American Institute of Architects Scott Jablonski, VERTICES Intern