How IMRivers Can Be Used

Why Partner with IMRivers?

  • IMRivers is using an interactive web and mobile framework technology developed using community participatory mapping concepts called, Mappler. By using IMRivers, watershed communities can create interactive mapping to collect and display layers of data to enhance decision making and environmental improvement through planning, prevention and public outreach. Mappler technology has been used on a both local levels and nationally to engage, educate and empower communities in ways that has help shaped and impact the area.

What is IMRivers?

  • IMRivers is a web site that watershed communities can use to develop interactive watershed maps and make them available to the public.   The maps can display multiple layers of information including data, photos, videos and text. The information can be about land use, pollution sources, clean up and restoration activities, water quality, flows, natural history, recreational access: In fact, about almost anything desired!