Features of the IMRivers Interactive Mapping Application


With each IMRivers mapsite, you can:

  • Map stream features, pollution sources and other important locations with different customized icons for each
  • View your map at any scale using easy zoom and move position tools
  • Measure distances and areas with automatically updating display
  • Easily erase your mapping mistakes
  • Add informative GIS datasets to support your mapping project
  • Link text and media including:
    • - Digital sound recordings (.mp3 format)
    • - Video recordings using YouTube player
    • - Digital photographs (.jpg format recommended)
    • - Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations
    • – Microsoft Office or OpenOffice formatted files
    • - Websites
  • Update map information from any computer and wireless device connected to the Internet
  • Share your mapping results on the World Wide Web!

With each IMRivers mapsite, visitors can:

  • Search mapped locations and information by category
  • Choose to view map on a streets and streams map or seamless satellite photography
  • Customize the map to show the information that interests them most

With each IMRivers mapsite, you have an Administrator’s site to:

  • Add a mapsite banner that you can customize yourself
  • Change the colors of mapsite elements
  • Choose unique icons for each type of location that will be mapped
  • Add GIS datasets and choose how and when they are displayed
  • Upload multiple locations captured with a GPS unit
  • Edit or delete mapped location points
  • Edit or delete text, files and media links
  • Assign secure logons for staff and volunteers to add locations and information to the mapsite
  • Activate “hold until reviewed” designation for any or all mappers to control automate updates to the mapsite and viewable information while mapping is in progress
  • View and approve restricted map entries
  • Download mapped locations to use in a desktop geographic information system (GIS)