Frequently Asked Questions…and their answers!

1. What can IMRivers do for my organization?
  • IMRivers is a multi-purpose tool that can help your organization with Membership Communication, Community Education, Land Acquisition Site Identification, Standards Enforcement, Fundraising and more.
  • IMRivers can show Pollution Sources, Stream Sampling Sites and Monitoring Data, Visual Surveys, Scenic Sites, Recreational Opportunities, Boating Hazards or anything else that happens in your watershed or affects its waterways or those who live and share its resources.
  • IMRivers displays layers of information – Data, Statistics and Narratives; Video, Photos, and Illustrations; Word, Excel, and PDF files; Webpage Links and much more!
  2. What is Mappler and how does it power IMRivers?
  • Mappler is the basic framework of the online interactive mapsite. IMRivers was created for the River Network Partners with this technology.
  3. What are the basic functions of Mappler?
  • Mappler is simple to use. You can create your own interactive map without any prior mapping experience. If you can upload and download, you’ll be able to use Mappler.
  • - Invite community members to enter and update data on your map.
  • - Manage the data content.
  • - Choose your own icons and create the categories you want to track.
  • - Draw lines and polygons on the map.
  • - Upload photos, videos and file documents to share with your community members.
  4. How much does it cost to become a member of IMRivers?
  • IMRivers is focused on providing GIS technology and Interactive Mapping capabilities to low-budget organizations. Please get in contact with us so we can help you create and customize a map the is tailored to your needs and budget.
  5. What does one account mean?
  • One account means one interactive mapping site for your organization.
  6. What if I need more than one account?
  • Just let us know and we can help you develop a project that suites your specific needs.
  9. Where does the data come from and how is it maintained?
  • Mapping is provided by Google Maps API, which is freely accessible as long as it’s open to public. The database and application is provided by the IMRivers server, which is backed-up daily.
  10. How is the data validated?
  • The site administrator (your organization) is responsible for the validity of the data. You may give community members access to add and update data to the site via user ID and password. You have the ability to restrict or validate who enters data on your site.
  11. What if I want more than the basic IMRivers package?
  • You may be interested in the Enhanced Mappler package which enables you to add many different GIS data layers onto your site. For an additional fee, we can customize your site to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss this option.
  12. Can I create a static map with my own data using Mappler?
  • Mappler is designed for interactive mapping, but you can print the map screen. For professional quality map layouts, please contact us. We can produce these for a small fee.
  13. Can I host IMRivers on our in-house server?
  • Unfortunately, no. Basic IMRivers membership is hosted on the IMRivers server. Customized IMRivers applications can be hosted at your server for an additional fee.
  14. Who is behind IMRivers?
  • IMRivers is an interactive mapping web portal designed for watershed and river environmental conservation groups. The project was conceived and developed by several environmental organizations with Dr. Wansoo Im, President of VERTICES. The initial IMRivers project for Alabama was funded by the World Wildlife Fund and River Network and since that time, many grassroots organizations throughout the country have adopted IMRivers to help steward and plan for the conservation of our precious environmental resources.
  15. How do I get started?
  • To get started, choose the name of your site – http://www.imrivers.com/nameofyourorganization. Send your chosen site name along with your contact information via email to im@vertices.com. We will set up your site and send you an invoice along with your user name and password to access the site. That’s all there is to it.
  16. Is there an IMRivers song?
  • Yes We Do! Dr. Im made it himself. His enthusiasm for the IMRivers project cannot be contained. Listen to his original rendition and those of IMRivers Partners below.
  17. How were the Mappler icons created?
  • Most Mappler icons were created by IMRivers staff, however some map icons were created by Map Icons Collection. For more information, visit the Map Icons Collection website.