EPA is Now Accepting Proposals for the 2014 Environmental Education Grants Program

IMRivers can be a great way to use for Environmental Eucation!!!

“Proposals for the initial stage of the 2014 Environmental Education (EE) Grants Program are now being accepted. This year, EPA intends to issue two Requests for Proposals (RFP) under the EE Grants Program; the EE Model Grants RFP is now available for viewing. Three grants, for approximately $192,200 each, will be awarded under this RFP.

Under the EE Model Grants RFP, EPA seeks grant proposals to support EE projects that promote environmental awareness and stewardship. Projects under this RFP will help provide people with the skills to take responsible actions to protect the environment. Proposals must include projects that design, demonstrate, and/or disseminate model EE practices, methods, or techniques. Each funded proposal must demonstrate replicability by locating and conducting the project in more than one state or U.S. territory during the project period.

EPA anticipates releasing an additional RFP under the 2014 EE Grants Program in early winter, for local grants that will be awarded by EPA regional offices. Visit the 2014 EE Grants Program webpage for details on how to apply.”  - from Environmental Justice Mailing List

Grant Opportunity!

EPA Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Request for Applications:
National Center for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Modeling Research

URL: http://www.epa.gov/ncer/rfa/2014/2014_star_sustainable-water.html

Open Date: 01/13/2014 – Close Date: 03/10/2014

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announces the posting of the Request for Applications (RFA), National Center for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Modeling Research.  The RFA goal is to fund a National Center focused on novel research, community support, and model development related to sustainable water infrastructure. The funded Center will facilitate the technology transfer of open source (shared, common platform) water infrastructure models. It will also seek to share green infrastructure tools and research methods with local communities and key stakeholders.

The objective of this solicitation is to establish a Center that features three critical core components to the advancement of sustainable water models and research. The three aspects that must be considered include:
  • Novel research that engages water models, modelers and users
  • Community support and outreach that trains the global community
  • Model and code development that supports freely available software
Protecting our nation’s water resources is one of EPA’s top priorities. EPA’s Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research Program is designed to provide the science and innovative technologies needed to protect our nation’s water resources. Significant threats to our resources include factors such as increased demand, changing land uses, aging water infrastructure and climate change/ variability. In facing these threats, the SSWR Program focuses on two main areas: ensuring water quality and availability, and promoting a sustainable water infrastructure. Through the SSWR program, EPA continues to respond to today’s challenges by addressing the nation’s highest science priorities.

Maryland Restoration App

IMRivers’ latest version of the Maryland Restoration App, a mobile- and web-based app used by Maryland  Department of Natural Resources (MDDNR) and various partners to document numerous restoration projects, was featured in this month’s Coast Services Magazine.  The article outlines the various ways the app is being used to help restoration partners log projects, such as providing field data, photographs, site locations and conditions. Read the full article here:  Coast Services Magazine- August/September 2013 Issue

Trail maps that raise awareness and revenue.

Check out IMRiver’s latest pilot project that maps the Delaware & Raritan Canal and its surrounding areas. This interactive map highlights access points to trails and recreation areas along the canal, as well as retail, restaurants, lodging and other local businesses. Visitors easily plan and navigate their visits through the mobile app. Including local businesses such as hotels and shops gives townships or organizations an exciting new way to raise funding to create and maintain tourism or conservation programs. Such collaboration also enhances the quality of local relationships and helps build a sense of dynamic community.

‘Mapps,’ our interactive maps that come with their own mobile apps.

IMRivers uses Mappler technology to provide customized solutions for creating interactive maps of watershed communities, and turn them into independent apps, or ‘Mapps.’ You can create a Mapp that includes all the details of your environmental conservation community, as well as incorporate businesses and attractions for municipal/tourism purposes. Our Mapps run on mobile devices as well as the web, making the information highly accessible and visible to the target audience and the public at large.

River Network Interactive Map

Our latest interactive map, using Mappler X technology was featured by River Network.  This map allows users to find River Network partners, locate a nearby Water Group, view data on teal-time stream flows, observe local watersheds, and more! More information about the map can be found here. http://mapplerx.com/map/rivernetwork/

Barry Conservation District

VERTICES, LLC. has partnered with the Barry Conservation District (Barry CD) to create a Thornapple interactive map (below), which displays various layers of information of the Thornapple River Watershed, including the Watershed Management Areas (WMA), land use and hydrography of the watershed.  This visual representation of information allows for a detailed analysis of the site to determine the pollution levels of the water. For more information about the project, visit www.barrycd.org The full map can be viewed here

Rain Barrel Registry

By capturing rainwater, rain barrels encourage water conservation and help reduce stormwater pollution. The Rain Barrel Registry will showcase the many thousands of rain barrels now in use around the US and provide incentive for more people and communities to get involved and make a difference. This app and interactive website were developed in partnership with River Network and IMRivers by Vertices, powered by Mappler. Visit http://www.imrivers.org/rainbarrelinfo/ for more information Rituparna Ganguly, Research Assistant at VERTICES, ritu@vertices.com

A Long-Dry California River Gets, and Gives, New Life

One of the largest river-restoration projects has begun to the Owens River in Los Angeles, California. Read article here Rituparna Ganguly, Research Assistant at VERTICES, ritu@vertices.com

World Water Day is Today

There are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected to join by 2050. Statistics say that each of us drinks from 2 to 4 liters of water every day, however most of the water we ‘drink’ is embedded in the food we eat. To learn more about World Water Day or to  find out about events happening near you visit the website here Rituparna Ganguly, Research Assistant at VERTICES, ritu@vertices.com

World Water Day 2012

Tomorrow, March 22, 2012 is World Water Day. World Water Day focuses its attention on the importance on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. To learn more about World Water Day and what you can do to help, please visit the World Water Day website here Rituparna Ganguly, Research Assistant, VERTICES, ritu@vertices.com