Sample Maps

IMRivers is able to develop and provide customized and standard maps to match your organization’s needs. Below are examples of customized and standard maps that have been developed for various types of organizations.

Customized Maps

Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership: Shoreline Tracking This site uses digital video to map shoreline conditions and helps bring information to the user in a more continuous stream. Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership: Toxic Monitoring Map This site gathers contaminant data from river water, suspended and bed sediment, and fish tissue. It also provides sampling locations for the Bi-state Water Quality Program and the Estuary Partnership’s Ecosystem Monitoring Project. South Branch Watershed Association This site allows volunteers and visitors to view the Association’s different water sampling sites. Each site has correlating descriptions, graphs, and photos depicting its state. Standard Maps The Cahaba Blue Trail This map not only helps acts as a guide to a trip to the Cahaba River, but also allows visitors to log in and report any pollution or waste spotted during their outting. This map site includes food and lodging sites, scenic spots, recreation facilities, and hikable trails. The Chester River Association The CRA utilizes both points and layers to organize it’s information. It briefly describes the history and purpose of the Association and then the project’s main focus. This sites uses point to mark Chaster River info, Chester River tester sites, and Main Tester sites in conjunction with layers depicting different watershed boundaries. Muddy Water Watch: Citizen Patrol This site maps a statewide initiative to help stem the tide of sediment-laden storm water runoff from entering North Carolina waterways. NC Riverkeepers are training volunteers how to monitor potential erosion and sediment violations. They hope to use the data and pictures collected to impact the government’s perception of the seriousness of the problem. Pamlico-Tar River Foundation This site maps different locations of interest in addition to all of the water sampling sites. It is used simultaneously as a site for visitors and community, as well as for park services. Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition PRWC uses the site to show all different types of things on the river. They direct the user to click the point that interests them the most and to then explore from there. Some examples are historical points, observation sites, and changes in surrounding land. South River Federation This site maps mostly sampling sites and locations of interest. These locations include recreational spots for tourists or community members, problem areas, and both current and prospective restoration sites. Sassafras River Association The Upper Sassafras River site charts the spread of possibly toxic algae that is indigenous to the area. A growing abundance of these algae contributes to the loss of underwater grasses, shoreline and woodland erosion, and the endangerment of animals and even humans. This mapping project keeps record of all monitoring stations and sampling sites used to control the algae.