Membership Mobilization/Water Alliance

River Network

Website: River Network has been helping people understand, protect and restore rivers and their watersheds. The mapping resource allows you to: easily find River Network Partner groups working in your community, obtain contact information for Congressional representatives, locate River Network offices, and more. This new mapping resource is designed to help you: •             Easily find River Network Partner groups working in your community •             Discover your watershed address •             Get contact information for Congressional representatives •             Locate River Network offices •             Visit National River Heroes •             View Past and Future National River Rallies •             See rivers and water bodies not shown on standard Google Maps

The Friends of Hurricane Creek

Website: The Friends of Hurricane Creek was created to link other riverkeepers and watersheds with Hurricane Creek in Alabama. The goal is to depict the environmental impacts on the water alliance and display how sources in other states maybe affecting connected watersheds. Locations in Alabama, Tennessee and West Virginia are plotted to provide the alliance with a better understanding of the environmental impacts that connects the separate watersheds in the alliance.