Case Studies

What types of IMRivers projects have been implemented in the past? Click on the links below to see IMRivers case studies!

  • River Cleanup Record/monitor trash in the area and promote community involvement

  • Recreation/Trail Amenities Provides users with the ability to pinpoint numerous key locations along the trail Connects people with natural and cultural resources and promote a sustainable environment

  • Invasive Species Pilot project pinpointing the locations of the invasive knotweed plant for future removal

  • Pollution Prevention Identify water quality concerns and water-dependent resources

  • Storm Water Management and Planning Interactive tool helping local officials to manage and model stormwater infrastructure more effectively

  • Planning and Land Use Users can view and contrast planning and preservation areas, as well as land use capability within those areas Allows users to locate detailed parcel information offering the ability to generate reports on selected area

  • Membership Mobilization/Water Alliance Pool common resources, engage the public, and mobilize members across states and regions by depicting environmental impacts on water conservation

  • Education Use interactive mapping technology in schools K-12 or for the general public as a resource for education and involvement

  • Sample Maps A list of other IMRivers projects from fully customized to basic versions.