About Us

About IMRivers

  • IMRivers is a web site that watershed communities can use to develop interactive watershed maps and make them available to the public.   The maps can display multiple layers of information including data, photos, videos and text. The information can be about land use, pollution sources, clean up and restoration activities, water quality, flows, natural history, recreational access: In fact, about almost anything desired!

How Can IMRivers Help?

  • Imagine this…You are out on the river and see a violation. You take a photo or video, capture waypoint coordinates using any GPS unit and upload the digital file with your notes directly to your IMRivers mapsite – either directly on the river via a wireless connection or when you get back to the office. Within minutes, agency officials, stakeholders, the media and the public can see what is going on. The violation’s time and place are precisely documented and recorded. Just like that!