How to Use Google Maps & Google Earth in Watershed Planning

Google Maps and Google Earth have become popular tools in water conservation. These tools are often free, easy to use, and easily inserted onto websites. Many offer printable maps displaying spatial/non-spatial data. This presentation guides organizations to customize maps by integrating Google Maps and Google Earth with social media.



  • Overview of the Presentation
    • Overview of Google Customized Maps
  • Overview of Technology and Applications
    • Overview of data
  • Creating a Google Account
  • Google My Maps
    • How to add a point
    • How to add a line
    • How to add a polygon
    • How to add KML
    • How to view in Google Earth
    • How to share your map
      • HTML
      • iframe
    • Collaborate
  • Google Earth
    • Overview of Google Earth
    • How to add data
    • How to add KML files
  • Sketchup
    • How to incorporate your map and model into Google
  • Geocoding by using
    • How to geocode
    • Limitations of geocoding
  • IMRivers
    • Overview of IMRivers and Functions
    • Example of Thornapple River project
      • Other functions
      • Iphone & iframe functions
      • Version 1 and Version 2
    • Other database functions (
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