GIS Exercise Data Download

The following data will be used during the hands-on GIS training. Click on the link below to download the data to your computer:

Media Fire Data Download

  • Create a ‘gistraining” folder on your computer’s C: drive and save the data to this location c:\gistraining\
  • There are two zipped folders on Media Fire: GISData & USA. They contain the following shapefiles:

  • Critical Habitat Resource AreaForest Area
  • Impervious Cover Greater than  30 Percent
  • Impervious Cover Greater than  50 Percent
  • Land Use Land Cover
  • Municipality
  • Open Space
  • Preserved Farms
  • Raparian Area
  • Sanitary Sewer Existing Area Served
  • Schools
  • Septic System Yield
  • Streams
  • Water Bodies
  • Zoning by Parcel

  • Counties
  • dams00x020
  • hucs00l020
  • hucs00m020
  • hucs00p020
  • hydro_l
  • hydro_p
  • realstx
  • sw9194x020

*The data used in these exercises were extracted from the NJ Highlands Council Website*

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